Union airs new TV ad attacking Blanche Lincoln

The Communications Workers of America weigh in on Bill Halter's side in the Arkansas Democratic primary

Published April 5, 2010 9:55PM (EDT)

The Communications Workers of America has gotten into the fight in Arkansas between Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln for the Democratic Senate nomination, putting a new ad on TV Monday that will run for two weeks:

The union's spokeswoman, Candice Johnson, says it's a "saturation buy" that joins a radio ad the CWA launched over the weekend. "This spot will be up for two weeks, and then we'll look at what else can be done," she says. 

The ad, like a similar spot by the AFL-CIO, plays up Lincoln's support from big corporations over the years. "She's listening to them, not us," the narrator says, as text displaying Lincoln's political fundraising flashes on the screen.

Expect Lincoln's campaign, though, to push back against this ad by saying it shows how outside groups are supporting Halter's bid to unseat her. Some observers of the race wonder whether the support Halter is getting from labor and progressive groups might wind up handing Lincoln an effective counterpunch.

By Mike Madden

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