The 10 lessons of Tiger Woods

Slide show: What the golfer's epic scandal taught us about sexting, porn stars and the power of a nine iron

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Senior Writer

Published April 6, 2010 12:01PM (EDT)

A subdued Tiger Woods appeared at a press conference Monday to talk about what he's learned -- about humility, about family, about golf. But we've learned a lot since since that cataclysmic November fender bender as well. A cornucopia of race, sex, fame and skank, Woods's fall from grace has been the greatest metaphor to hit American pop culture since the Gosselins. Here are the teachable moments we'll treasure forever -- or at least until we get distracted by a comely cocktail waitress.

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By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a senior writer for Salon and author of "A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles."

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