Uh oh, Moto: Droid 2 suffers from antenna problems

Apple fanboys everywhere breathe a sigh of relief

Published August 16, 2010 8:17PM (EDT)


 Oh, sweet irony. Verizon piled onto Apple for the iPhone 4's antenna and signal problems, but numerous complaints suggest Motorola's new smart phone may suffer from an "antennagate" of its own. 

Soon after the phone's launch last week, word circulated on tech website Mobile Crunch of users struggling to maintain a signal, which other reviews and user comments now confirm. The chief complaint so far is that the reception bar fluctuates dramatically ... even when the phone is sitting still. Sorry, Motorola, you can't blame this on "holding it wrong." There are also reports of a limited battery life, although signal hunting is known to drain cellphone batteries. Are these problems simply defects from the first batch of phones, or are Motorola and Verizon facing a major P.R. embarrassment?

Enterprise Mobility sums up everything known about the Droid 2's issues so far. Engadget observes the phone's "endlessly fluctuating bar" in its Droid 2 review. The tech blog Allogenes explains how the Droid 2's problem differs from those of the iPhone 4. But signal problems or not, the Droid X commercial/movie trailer is still pretty awesome:

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