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A two-minute Onion report renders future critiques of the newsweekly unnecessary

Published August 25, 2010 11:26AM (EDT)

Substantial energy is devoted from many corners to critiquing America's establishment media, but this 2-minute report from The Onion News Network concerning Time Magazine captures so much of what needs to be said that it virtually renders future critiques -- at least of the nation's newsweeklies, other Time/CNN properties, and most television "news" shows -- completely unnecessary:

There are other attributes of establishment news outlets still worth examining -- their faithful devotion to government claims, their endless and reckless use of anonymous sources, the tawdry propaganda pompously and condescendingly justified as provocative objectivity, the suffocatingly narrow viewpoints which are aired -- but the sheer childishness and stunted, numbing vapidity are the overarching characteristics.


By Glenn Greenwald

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