Mark Zuckerberg's new best friend

As the mogul introduces the world to his puppy via Facebook, we imagine a "Social Network" sequel

By Drew Grant
Published March 7, 2011 7:15PM (EST)
This puppy has the minimum amount of Mark's attention.
This puppy has the minimum amount of Mark's attention.

"A million puppies isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion puppies." So goes an oft-misattributed quote from Aaron Sorkin's "The Social Network Part II: ZuckerBoogaloo," in which founder Mark Zuckerberg quickly befriends and then screws over a young, naive Puli puppy named Beast.

The story broke in early March of 2011, when Mark and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan adopted this Hungarian Sheepdog and relocated him to Palo Alto due to the dog's great herding skills and ability to make Mark look more like a human being and less like an automaton. Also, that dog could code like the dickens. Of course, we all know the story from here: Mark created a Facebook profile for Beast, attributing quotes to the dog that he would later have to explain in a closed-room deposition after the puppy sued Mark for misrepresentation.

"I do not have an interest in 'Cuddling, Loving and Eating,' and am offended at the implication," reads Beast's official statement to the press.

"If you had invented Beast's Facebook page, you would have invented Beast's Facebook page!" Mark would infamously retort in an open letter to former best friend, printed in the New York Times. The case resolved itself after Beast received a settlement of a quarter of a million dollars. He was last seen going into business with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

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