The Webby Award nominees you didn't know about

The digital ceremony has this year's shortlist for the best in Internet excellence. Like "Angry Birds"

Published April 12, 2011 4:50PM (EDT)

"Best Viral Video" nominee: "The Sandpit"
"Best Viral Video" nominee: "The Sandpit"

It’s almost time for the 15th annual Webby Awards, which is like the Oscars except with more Zach Galifianakis and surprisingly fewer references to Facebook. With categories ranging from Best Viral Video (Oh god, please don't let "Bed Intruder" win) to Best Weird (now would be the time to brush up on, along with more serious topics like Best Political Blog (Huffington Post is on there, which is apparently not a conflict of interest to the Webbys' academy board member Arianna Huffington) and Best Social Media, the nominees reflect those groups and individuals who really poured their heart and soul onto the Web this year. Oh, and, because they just clean up at these things.

For a complete list of nominees, check out the Webby Awards website, and vote for your favorites. If you don't have the time to go through every viral video category, here's a couple of  under the radar gems you should definitely check out:

For Best Video Remixes/Mashups: "The Office" Fanisode


Best Viral Video: The Sandpit


Best Music: The Johnny Cash Project


Best Web Personality: Clara Cannucciari for "Great Depression Cooking With Clara"

Voting is open until April 28, and the actual ceremony takes place on June 13. You can track all of the updates on Twitter and Facebook, the latter of which (again) didn't even place in this year's list of nominees. Unlike Angry Birds.

By Drew Grant

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