Game over: Gary Busey endorses Donald Trump for president

The 2012 election is over before it begins as the "Apprentice" host snags coveted "Celebrity Rehab" demographic

Published April 19, 2011 9:17PM (EDT)

If you won't listen to reason, listen to Busey.
If you won't listen to reason, listen to Busey.

Let's call it right now: The 2012 race is over. Gary Busey has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, and with the critical "Busey-heads" swing vote accounted for, Obama shouldn't even bother running. Here's Gary, from the press conference he held in his bed today.

I'm sorry, did he just say Trump stands for:






OK, just checking.

I guess this counts as the "official" endorsement, because two weeks ago when he was on Leno, Busey was also telling America to vote for Donald. And that was before he was voted off "Celebrity Apprentice"!

It is weird that Busey would bring up "Nany Pelosi stripping in Orlando," because everyone knows of that weird loophole in our Constitution that makes it so you can't make any derogatory remarks about a female politician for at least 90 days after  TMZ puts up a video of you trying to pole dance.

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