Friendster officially admits defeat

Facebook's predecessor will delete old info by May 31. Ready to give up a profile you haven't used since 2002?

By Drew Grant

Published April 27, 2011 12:01PM (EDT)

When was the last time you logged on?
When was the last time you logged on?

Say goodbye to that Friendster account that hasn't been active for six years: On May 31, new owner Money Online will be deleting the profiles of all the users on the site, forever and permanently. The Philippine-based company will be starting over from scratch with Friendster, making it a compatible site with its competitor Facebook and allowing users from the more popular platform to play games and listen to music from this new "social entertainment site."

Says a Money Online representative, "The new Friendster will complement Facebook. Fifty percent of FB users don't like games. We will service the other 50 percent." (Hey, 50 percent of Facebook is still a lot of Facebook!)

If it sounds like a bunk buy for a company to grab up the domain, remember (or learn for the first time?) that almost half of the site's current users are based in the Philippines, making it an attractive purchase for a local conglomerate. The name is already familiar, making it an attractive purchase for Money Online. And hey, if people are upset about losing any valuable data, the site has already put up a notice on how to export your information from the service.

I'm actually pretty happy that Friendster will be deleting all my information, as the website still comes up way too high on a Google search for my name. And since I no longer have access to the college email address or the password I originally used to access Friendster, I will no longer have to worry that someone will accidentally come across pictures of me in a faux-hawk, saying my favorite activity is "playing mind games." (I was kind of the worst.)

I am sure Mark Zuckerberg is similarly relieved.


Drew Grant

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