Now that's how you give a graduation speech

Alaine Caudle leaves high school with something to remember her by

Published May 25, 2011 6:26PM (EDT)

You wish high school had been as cool as this.
You wish high school had been as cool as this.

 Alaine Caudle of Doniphan West High School knew that nobody remembers his or her high school valedictorian (or their college one, for that matter), so she decided to make her performance memorable. And, boy, did she ever.

You know, one these videos is worth a thousand anti-bullying PSAs because for once, the smartest kid in the room is also the coolest. And also the bravest; can you imagine the kind of chutzpah it would take to be 18 and just own it like Alaine does?

Oh, also, Alaine was named Governor's Scholar in the state of Kansas. What did you accomplish in high school? (Hi, Alaine, I'm friending you on Facebook right now. Let's hang out.)

By Drew Grant

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