Hustler announces bin Laden parody, just as we predicted

A triple X Osama film? Don't say we didn't warn you

Published May 25, 2011 10:26PM (EDT)

Keep it classy Osama porn parody.
Keep it classy Osama porn parody.

Twelve days ago, Reuters reported that a "fairly substantial" pornography stash was found in the compound of Osama bin Laden. Which, let's be clear, is pretty funny. This is the real-life equivalent of "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants." During a time when we don't really know how to feel about the raucous "USA! USA!" chanting over a man's death, it has been confirmed by basically everyone that:

a) Pornography is funny

b) The irony of Osama, a militant Sunnite, owning a giant collection of Jugs is funny

c) The irresistible jump in our heads from "Osama bin Laden likes porn" to the idea of Osama bin Laden starring in a porn  is funny

In fact, when Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory first reported on the "modern, electronically recorded" sex movies that officials uncovered (what else was he doing without Internet?), she predicted that it wouldn't be too long till Larry Flynt's company took advantage of the news peg, "Cue multimillion-dollar offer for the videos from Vivid's Steven Hirsch. Oh, and prepare for the Hustler parody."

Well, either Larry is reading Salon or Tracy is a porn-psychic, because Hustler announced plans for a triple X parody based around the raid of Osama's compound, called "This Ain’t Bin Laden XXX."

Despite defending the hilarity of bin Laden and pornography a couple of paragraphs above, I really can't think of anything less funny/sexy than a parody based around the Navy SEAL operation in Pakistan. Although it would explain Hillary's expression in the infamous White House photo.

By Drew Grant

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