Justin Bieber wears a $25k "Family Guy" necklace

Every frat boy's dream come true, the pop star bejewels Stewie like a big boy

Published May 26, 2011 5:27PM (EDT)

Stewie Griffin, status symbol.
Stewie Griffin, status symbol.

Remember when everyone got upset because Justin Bieber went to Rolling Stone and said he supported universal healthcare but was pro-life? It was like we were treating the 17-year-old like an adult with opinions that deserve debating! So silly!

Because just for reference, Justin Bieber wears a necklace of Stewie Griffin from "Family Guy" around town, and that necklace costs $25,000. I would not take his opinion on the best part of Epcot Center seriously, let alone his views on abortion.

(Photo via TMZ)

To be fair, a lot of rappers wear ridiculous bling. Flava Flav has that clock necklace,  and Lil Wayne has a giant piece of gold that spells out "Crunk Ain't Dead" in what has to be the heaviest piece of sloganeering ever.  Then again, I wouldn't really let these people influence my opinions on today's "hot topics" either.

And at least they aren't literally wearing a giant, talking baby around, the symbolism of which is not lost on anyone.

By Drew Grant

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