"30 Rock" finishes up animated web series

NBC would do right to create a whole show just around the premise of Jack Donaghy, Executive Superhero

Published June 3, 2011 12:03PM (EDT)

Back in March, "30 Rock" had its 100th episode. You remember: It had a lot of guest stars and played like a better-scripted version of "Saturday Night Live"? Well, in honor of the occasion, NBC also put out the first of a trio of cartoons celebrating Jack Donaghy's alter-ego as an executive superhero. (Which is kind of B.S., because we all know Jack secretly wanted to be a ship's captain or a molecular biologist, not Batman.)

Last night, the final installment of "Jack Donaghy Executive Superhero" aired on NBC.com with a short video involving a snooping Al Roker. Watch all three episodes while you can, because let's be honest folks … we don't know how much more of Jack and Liz we have left.

Episode 1: Soft Served! (With Brian Williams)

Episode 2: Iced!

Episode 3: Rokered!

Well, at least now there is always a possibility for a Marvel spin-off.

By Drew Grant

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