Kim Kardashian's own social media sex scandal

A football star accuses Kim of cheating on her fiance by text message. Do we believe him?

Published June 13, 2011 5:14PM (EDT)

Kim Kardashian embroiled in a sex scandal.
Kim Kardashian embroiled in a sex scandal.

While the country is busy freaking out over every exposed inch of Anthony Weiner, there is another social media eruption ready to blow. The recently engaged Kim Kardashian threatened to sue In Touch magazine last week when it told the country that the New England Patriots' Bret Lockett was claiming to have had an affair with her during her time with NBA beau Kris Humphries.

Bret is now retracting his statements, saying that he and Kim never met physically, but shared sexual text messages. Since Lockett's already lied about meeting Kardashian, and since she is now threatening to sue him (meaning he'll have to produce those sexy texts in court), I tend to believe that, for once, the Kardashian is in the right.

But it does make for an interesting anti-political counterpoint: When it's Kim Kardashian, we tend to believe the worst, and when it's politicians, they are innocent until proven guilty.

By Drew Grant

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