Fred Armisen delivers high school commencement speech

The "Portlandia" star gives amazing talk to the graduating class of the Oregon Episcopal School in Portland

Published June 15, 2011 1:16PM (EDT)

Fred Armisen talks to teens.
Fred Armisen talks to teens.

Anyone who has yet to watch Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's amazing IFC show "Portlandia" really missed out. I mean, put a bird on it you guys! The saddest part about "Portlandia" was that it only had six episodes (don't worry, it's coming back for a second season), meaning that as soon as you got hooked on the show, it ended.

Luckily for the show's fans, Fred Armisen went to a Portland high school and gave a commencement speech recently. It reminded us both why "Portlandia" is so funny and also why Armisen should be given every public speaking engagement ever.

The part where he says that no matter what failures you go through in life, everything turns out great? Kind of bold statement to make to graduating high schoolers.

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