Lady Gaga fans in "Get Well" video

Little monsters from all over the world join together to wish a speedy recovery to Clarence Clemons

Published June 15, 2011 8:16PM (EDT)

Lady Gaga's homemade fan video for Clarence.
Lady Gaga's homemade fan video for Clarence.

Lady Gaga knows a little something about whipping her fans into a frothy mixture of hormones and high school. Her devoted base of "little monsters" number almost 11 million on Twitter, and they are a group ready and eager to do the bidding of a woman who dresses up like a sexless robot and sings songs about poker faces.

Could be kind of scary, right? Luckily, Gaga uses her fandom for good rather than evil, and recently had her monsters send their best regards to Clarence Clemons, saxophonist of the E Street Band and frequent collaborator with the pop star. Clarence suffered a stroke on Sunday, and since then Lady Gaga has gathered the best of her fans' videos and turned them into a 13-minute "Get Well" clip.

Here's hoping Clarence will feel the outpouring of well wishes and get better soon. We wouldn't want to see what Gaga could do with that monster power if she suddenly decided she wanted to take over the world.

By Drew Grant

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