Five pop culture items we missed

Today's catch includes meme-branded alcohol, testing NY's nudity laws, and Charlie Sheen's death ... sort of

Published June 28, 2011 10:29PM (EDT)

1. PETA pets of the day: Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand were named Sexiest Vegetarians of 2011 by the animal activist group. Now how long until they try to convince the stars to pose naked?

2. Actual nudity of the day: The Gloss' Jamie Peck walked around topless in Central Park to prove that it's legal for women to go shirt- and braless in public under N.Y. state law.

3. Secret wedding of the day: No-longer-"Ugly" star America Ferrera married longtime boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams in an intimate ceremony last night.

4. Internet drinks of the day: Brazilian winemaker Vinicola Aurora’s "Keep Cooler" alcoholic beverages feature three recognizable faces from Web forums on their labels: Trollface, Forever Alone and Me Gusta. Where's the Anonymous mask wine-spritzer?

5. Sitcom death of the day: How are the writers planning to get rid of Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men"? Here's a hint: It involves Chuck Lorre's fantasy scenario.

By Drew Grant

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