Five pop culture items we missed

Today's catch includes Harrison Ford talking smack, Charlie Sheen's 'roid rage, and J.Lo's "American Idol" future

Published June 29, 2011 10:01PM (EDT)

Charlie Sheen on drugs.
Charlie Sheen on drugs.

1. Grizzled old man uttering profanities of the day:

Harrison Ford on Shia LaBeouf talking crap about the last "Indiana Jones" movie, "I think he was a fucking idiot." Boom!

2. Major nerd accomplishment of the day:

Fifty thousand Lego pieces and a love of "Lord of the Rings" is what inspired Kevin Walter to create the world's most complex model of the Dark Tower Barad-dûr. One block to rule them all?

3. Exposed Twitter (non)scandal of the day:

The reason for Lindsay's sudden interest in the Federal Reserve? The Twitter blast was actually a sponsored message paid for by the National Inflation Association. Are there really so many people out there that look to Lindsay Lohan for financial advice? Wasn't she just released from house arrest today for stealing a necklace?

4. American Idol holdout of the day:

What's keeping Jennifer Lopez from re-upping her contract for Fox's hit singing competition? I'm guessing the fear of sitting next to Skeletor Steven Tyler for another season.

5. Charlie Sheen of the day:

Sorry, folks, I know we had one of these yesterday, but Sheen just told the world he was on steroids during the filming of "Major League." You know, that very realistic sports drama that required him to get fully in character as a drug-enhanced baseball player? Totally method, that guy.

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