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Watch: The contested winners of annual hot dog eating contest, robots as second-class citizens, and more

By Drew Grant

Published July 5, 2011 4:06PM (EDT)

I am robot, hear me roar.
I am robot, hear me roar.

1. 365 days of makeup

 "Natural Beauty" answers that burning question once and for all, "What would you look like if you put on a year's worth of makeup all at once?"


2. "District 9" ... with robots

Kibwe Tavares' short film "Robots of Brixton" imagines a world where sentient machines are given inhuman treatment by humans. An interesting memorial to the 1981 Brixton riots.


3. Joey Chestnuts, official winner of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest

For the fifth year in a row, Joey "Jaws" Chestnuts won Nathan's annual hot dog-scarfing contest in Coney Island. 


4. Actual winner of hot dog eating contest

Professional eater Takeru Kobayashi technically ate more 'dogs on the Fourth than Joey (setting a world record with 69 buns and beef) , but was considered ineligible for the Coney Island event since he won't sign an exclusive contract with Major League Eating. 


5. Twin infants sync laughter

Well, this is almost as creepy/adorable as those talking babies

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