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Jay Leno loses his crowd, "Glee" knights itself into memehood, and we learn the true meaning of Independence Day

By Drew Grant
Published July 6, 2011 4:07PM (EDT)

1. "Independence Day" on Independence Day

While most of us spent July 4th blowing up fireworks to celebrate our emancipation from the Brits, comedian Sean Kleier made us remember the true meaning of Independence Day by reciting Bill Pullman's speech from the movie all over New York City.


2. "Glee" goes viral

The stars of the Fox musical stopped by Internet star Keenan Cahill's to cover Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night."


3. Field of "NFL" Dreams

Taylor Lautner in a FunnyorDie video spoof of the Kevin Costner flick. Well, it's nice to see those "Twilight" kids getting work these days.

4. Jay Leno bombs while talking about the Casey Anthony verdict



5. Harry Potter houses

You know, I always wondered what those Hufflepuffs were good for, anyway.

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