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Watch: Toe-wrestling championships, "Harry Potter" stars get older, and a banana chases a chimp

By Drew Grant
Published July 11, 2011 3:12PM (EDT)
The toe-wrestling championships: Like WWE for your feet.
The toe-wrestling championships: Like WWE for your feet.

1. Toe wrestling, the wave of the future (Warning: Video automatically plays)

This is not a joke, people. Did you see this guy Alan "Nasty" Nash, one of the world's premier toe wrestlers? Because that dude looks like a blacksmith from a medieval war movie and I bet his toes are not playing around.

2. Harry and Ron, all grown up

I expect we'll be seeing a bunch of these sorts of videos popping up this week with "The Deathly Hallows: Part 2" coming out, but here's your first "'Harry Potter' tykes through the years" compilation.

3. The extreme awfulness of Adam Sandler as a woman in "Jack and Jill"

You know, whenever the phrase "But Eddie Murphy got to do it!" enters into a studio pitch, it's probably time to shut it down.


4. Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit:

On Saturday, the Yankees captain slammed a home run against Tampa … which technically also counts as the 3,000th hit he's scored in his professional career. A fan returned the ball (which could have been worth $250K), and will receive a bunch of tickets and jerseys in return.

5. When mascots attack

Sure, team rivalries can get a little heated, but when a banana attacks a gorilla off the playing field, that's just pure comedy gold.

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