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Watch: We haven't yet mastered jet pack technology, "The Thing" gets a prequel, and Sean Bean dies a hundred deaths

By Drew Grant
Published July 15, 2011 4:30PM (EDT)

1. "The Thing," revisited:

John Carpenter's epic movie wasn't really in need of a prequel, but since that icy horror flick was actually a remake of "The Thing From Another World," we can't blame these guys (the producers of "Dawn of the Dead"?) for thinking they could improve upon perfection.

2. Sean Bean dies:

Over, and over, and over. Man, Sean Bean cannot make it to the end of a movie... or a TV show.

Also, the sad piano music behind this video is really effective. Look, I know he was bad in "Goldeneye," okay? I just have some... dust in my eye.

3. Senior Center lipdub:

Now this is more like it! The Clark Retirement Community is boasting its first senior-only lip synching music video. I mean, okay, it's to Michael Buble (he of "Russian Unicorn" fame), but it's still really cool.

4. He's the Rocketman:

We can laugh now, Mr. Fox 5, but I wonder how many of these homemade jet pack accidents occurred after "The Rocketeer" came out in 1991? Just because we didn't have YouTube doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I predict this is the new grape stomping video of 2011.

5. Gorilla films itself:

Look, I'm not out to criticize a silverback, but doesn't this gorilla know that the best social commentary would be if he turned the camera around and trained it on the zoo employees?

Yeah... think about it.

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