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Watch: Gaga gets misty, Jon Stewart vs. odd-sounding Twitter pundits, and Tim Gunn's swipe at Hillary

Published July 28, 2011 6:29PM (EDT)

OK Go's kaleidoscope of dancing.
OK Go's kaleidoscope of dancing.

1. Lady Gaga gets emotional over dance routine: Now I really want to see what this couple did on "So You Think You Can Dance" (Anglo edition) that made Gaga so weepy.

2. OK Go's makes "All is Not Lost" an interactive experience: After dancing on treadmills and making complex, paint-related Rube Goldberg devices to add some whimsical imagery to their songs, why shouldn't you be able to direct your own version of their latest kaleidoscope-y music video?

3. Tim Gunn thinks Hillary Clinton "confused" about gender: Wow, Tim Gunn, really? Then again, it's hard to take you seriously when George Lopez introduces you as "my co-star in 'The Smurfs!'" (Clip starts at 5:45 mark.)

4. An oral history of street art: At the Museum of Contemporary Art's graffiti exhibition, an artist named Mister Cartoon tells of his own personal journey from thug to painter.


5. Jon Stewart uncovers the conspiracy of @LadyBigMac: News networks' ability to find food-related Twitter handles to comment on political issues is making me hungry.

@Dogfart though? I checked and I'm pretty sure he hasn't been commenting on anything MSNBC-related lately.

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