At the CPAC-Occupy beer summit

Over drinks, foot soldiers of the left and right explore what they agree on: more than you'd think

Published February 13, 2012 4:28PM (EST)

 At the CPAC-Occupy beer summit      (Eddie Becker)
At the CPAC-Occupy beer summit (Eddie Becker)

In my report on the Conservative Political Action conference in Washington I wrote that the Occupiers and the CPAC crowd "barely know how to talk to each other."

But they're trying.

My colleague Eddie Becker was there when it happened at CPAC this weekend. A couple of Tea Party militiamen understood that if you buy a few cold ones and start talking, you may discover you have some things in common (along with some huge differences).  There have been other friendly encounters of these two movements. In Richmond Virginia for example.

This video is 15 minutes long. Its worth the wait to see Occupiers and Tea Partiers trying to get to the heart of the problem.

By Jefferson Morley

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