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Three guest writers will fill in this week

Published April 9, 2012 4:03PM (EDT)

I'll be taking the week off from writing at Salon this week, both because I'm traveling to speak at events in Ottawa, Chicago and Washington, D.C. (event information here), and because it's time for a week off. I have arranged for three superb guests to write here in my place:

Murtaza Hussain: Murtaza wrote here the last time I took a week off. He's a Toronto-based writer and commentator on issues related to politics and foreign policy. His work has previously been featured in Salon, Al Jazeera English, Bikya Masr (Egypt) and other outlets. He blogs at and is on Twitter at @mazmhussain.

Jesselyn Radack: Jesselyn is the director of National Security and Human Rights at the Government Accountability Project. I wrote the Foreword to her excellent new book, TRAITOR, about her blowing the whistle while part of the Bush administration on government misconduct in the case of "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh and the subsequent persecution she faced. Her writing and legal work now focuses on human rights, Obama's war on whistleblowers, and government secrecy and surveillance.

Charles Davis: Charles is a journalist whose work has appeared on public radio stations across the United States and at outlets including Al Jazeera and Inter Press Service. Follow him on Twitter (@CharlesDavis84) and find more of his work on his website.

I read each of them regularly and am looking forward to their contributions here. Feel free to use the comment section to this post for any reasonable purpose while waiting for the first guest post.

Finally, while I still have you: this 20-minute, 2008 TED talk from neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor -- about the insights she gained into the human brain, the human mind, and existence generally, when she suffered a massive stroke (from which she's now fully recovered) -- is simply amazing. I know I'm a few years late on this, but since I missed it the first time around, I assume others have as well. It's probably not for everyone, but I found it extraordinary on multiple levels.

By Glenn Greenwald

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