In the Middle: The complete series

Gorge on a marathon of Salon's original comedy "In the Middle," starring Kevin Meaney and Henriette Mantel

Published July 21, 2012 3:00PM (EDT)

Episode 1, "Happily Ever After": Henriette and Kevin have been married for 27 years. So why did Kevin move down the street?

Episode 2, "Broadway Dreams": Kevin has a big Broadway audition. Can Henriette help?

Episode 3, "Shrink": Henriette hopes therapy makes Kevin a better listener -- but the therapist sings a different tune

Episode 4, "Neighborhood Watch": Kevin joins the neighborhood watch and encounters rage, Farsi and Olympic-sized confusion

Episode 5, "Rascal": Kevin has a brand new set of wheels -- but Henriette isn't going along for the ride

Episode 6, "Love Child": A full-grown surprise from Kevin's past appears. Will this make Henriette a stepmom?

By Henriette Mantel

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By Kevin Meaney

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