Global pundits react to Ryan

International media outlets weigh in on Romney's running mate

By Sarah Amandolare
Published August 14, 2012 8:07PM (EDT)
 Rep. Paul Ryan      (Reuters)
Rep. Paul Ryan (Reuters)

Latitude News, which covers doings overseas for an American audience, has gathered a selection of responses to V.P. candidate Paul Ryan.

In Ireland, Adrian Hamilton of the Irish Independent praised Ryan’s ability to boil down economics for the masses, but seemed anxious about belt-tightening:

"A Washington professional, he lacks broad experience of life outside politics and has made his name more as a policy wonk than a populist. But he has an easy manner with people and a gift for presenting economic issues in simple terms of American values and optimism. ... At a time of faltering recovery in the world's largest economy, we can ill afford a lurch back to the contraction and the social strains that heavy cuts in public expenditure would bring."

In Germany, Der Spiegel collected various media reactions to the Ryan news. Most notably, the daily business publication Handelsblatt and left-leaning Die Tageszeitung agreed that Romney's pick was bold:

"Risky, surprising and courageous: The choice of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's vice presidential candidate is all of these things. But it is also an act of desperation. ... Romney's strategic calculus is clear. He, himself a procrastinator, dawdler and notorious opportunitist, is viewed by the conservative wing of his party as being too liberal." (Handelsblatt)

"More than anything else, Ryan is a radical ideologue who has never changed his platforms. By selecting Ryan, the Republican candidate has taken one step closer to clarifying his ideological position." (Die Tageszeitung)

In the United Arab Emirates, Omar Karmi weighed in on Ryan’s controversial budget for the National:

"The most significant consequence of the choice probably lies in setting up an election campaign that will be fought as much over Mr Obama's less-than-stellar record in office as it will be over Mr Ryan's own proposals for addressing America's fiscal woes."

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