Must-see morning clip: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is "seeking professional help"

The politician, who has admitted to smoking crack cocaine, still plans to run for reelection

By Prachi Gupta

Published November 18, 2013 1:43PM (EST)

Rarely written about these days without the descriptor "embattled," Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has been stripped of most of his powers after having admitted to smoking crack cocaine, may finally be getting the help that he needs. (At least, so he says). Though Ford is not taking a leave of absence, as many council members have requested of him, in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Ford said that he is "seeking professional help."

"I've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year, OK. I've admitted to drinking too much, OK. I'm dealing with it," he said. "I am training every day. I'm in a gym for two hours every day. I'm seeking professional help. I'm not an alcoholic. I am not a drug addict."

Ford has granted another interview to CNN that airs on Monday, hitting media outlets in advance of the debut of his new political talk show (dubbed as reality TV by the Sun News Network) that airs Nov. 18. Ford plans to run for reelection in October 2014.

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