Shia LaBeouf wears paper bag over his head on the red carpet

The actor also stormed out of a press conference

By Prachi Gupta

Published February 9, 2014 8:57PM (EST)

Human koan and some time plagiarizer Shia LaBeouf, who recently quit "all public life," has returned to public life by wearing a paper bag on his head and later, by storming out of a press conference for "Nymphomaniac."

At the red carpet premiere for the Lars von Trier film, LaBeouf walked out with a paper bag over his head, the words "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" displayed prominently where his face would have been. He has tweeted this phrase 22 times since Jan. 13.

The actor's bizarre behavior continued at the press conference. About ten minutes in, LaBeouf was asked just one question about the racy film. He reportedly said, "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the quote is "from French soccer legend Eric Cantona who is featured in Ken Loach's 'Looking for Eric.'"

THR notes that LaBeouf was also missing a front tooth.

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