Twitter feels sorry for Brazil after Germany crushes the World Cup host

The final score was 7-1

Published July 8, 2014 9:11PM (EDT)

 (Frank Augstein)
(Frank Augstein)

Germany has beaten Brazil in the a game that means so much to it, that, well, they'd shell out at more than 11 billion to host it. And not only did Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup semifinal -- they obliterated them. It was merciless, ruthless, even cold. By the end of the first half, with Germany leading 5-0, Slate already declared the match the worst World Cup game since 1974. Germany was ahead of Brazil by 7 by the end, and thankfully, Brazil scored a single, final goal, narrowly avoiding total humiliation.

Every major hashtag trend on Twitter revolved around the match as people could not avert their gaze from what began to look like a fiery traffic accident. After the halfway point, the game was painful to watch:

[embedtweet id="486617561472458752"]

[embedtweet id="486612854494490624"]

[embedtweet id="486621188970782723"]

[embedtweet id="486620720114720768"]

[embedtweet id="486622552614531072"]

[embedtweet id="486624272245592065"]

And then the 6th goal came:

[embedtweet id="486623067871784961"]

[embedtweet id="486624527968112641"]

[embedtweet id="486624858877329410"]

[embedtweet id="486624674000809984"]

[embedtweet id="486624991413559297"]

[embedtweet id="486624945221672960"]


[embedtweet id="486625205020672000"]

[embedtweet id="486625219671379968"]

[embedtweet id="486625647570063361"]

[embedtweet id="486627282736271360"]

There were these #ThingsMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinning:

[embedtweet id="486621756850188289"]

[embedtweet id="486616282263871488"]

[embedtweet id="486611492884594689"]

[embedtweet id="486622821536129027"]

Then Brazil scored a goal! Which, at this point...

[embedtweet id="486627585653485568"]

[embedtweet id="486628393039851520"]

It finally ended:

[embedtweet id="486627916122292225"]

But, the sadness isn't over, yet:

[embedtweet id="486627098098798593"]

[embedtweet id="486621209954488320"]

Weep for Brazil.

By Prachi Gupta

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