Trying to orgasm? Think sexy thoughts

It's all in your head! Women who focus on erotic thoughts during sex have an easier time reaching orgasm

Published July 28, 2014 5:35PM (EDT)

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Apparently, ladies, it really is all in your head. A recent study published in the current issue of Sexologies finds that for females, the key to orgasms might not be in sex itself, but in thinking sexy thoughts. A poll of more than 250 French women found that for those who were able to focus on their bodies and steer their thoughts to the erotic during intercourse, they were more likely to be "orgasmic."

According to Live Science, researchers were surprised by the prominent role erotic thinking seems to play in a woman's ability to climax during intercourse:

The researchers did not expect that the cognitive aspect of orgasm in women would be as important as the results suggested, said study author Pascal De Sutter, a professor at the department of sexology and family science at the University of Louvain in Belgium.

"It seems that women have no problem" focusing on erotic fantasies when they are on their own, De Sutter told Live Science. But women who do not have regular orgasms during intercourse seem to have more difficulties focusing their attention on the present moment when they have sex with their partners, she said.

De Sutter's findings correspond with earlier research showing that women who tend to have difficulty reaching orgasm have few erotic thoughts during sex. So the new study provides an interesting corollary (that women who do think erotic thoughts do tend to reach orgasm more easily or frequently), which might allow psychologists and sexologists to help women find their orgasms. With this new knowledge, it should be possible to develop techniques that will get women centered, focused and curling their toes in delight.

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