"Poo Throw Hitler": Dr. Jane Goodall helps John Oliver pick a good chimpanzee name

Goodall adamantly explains that chimpanzees are not pets

By Sarah Gray
October 27, 2014 6:12PM (UTC)
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John Oliver interviews Dr. Jane Goodall on "Last Week Tonight" (HBO)

John Oliver spoke to Dr. Jane Goodall during Sunday night's edition of People Who Think Good, on "Last Week Tonight."

Goodall, who has spent her life living with and researching chimpanzees, explained to Oliver that humans share 98 percent of their DNA with these primates. Chimps also make and use tools, express emotions and show affection by kissing and holding hands. Goodall also emphasizes to Oliver that chimpanzees should not be kept as pets.


Goodall's impressive research was not without some criticism, due to her practice of naming the chimpanzees, and fear that it would make the research less objective.

But Oliver is more concerned with what makes a good chimpanzee name? Find out below:

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