The disgraceful Charlie Sheen "tigerblood" jokes have started already: The actor reportedly will reveal he's HIV-positive tomorrow

The National Enquirer is alleging that Sheen has kept his HIV status secret for years [UPDATED]

Published November 16, 2015 9:29PM (EST)

Charlie Sheen        (AP/Chris Pizzello)
Charlie Sheen (AP/Chris Pizzello)

Charlie Sheen will reportedly announce tomorrow during a “Today” show appearance that he’s HIV-positive.

TMZ reported that Sheen’s appearance—teased in an NBC press release to be a “revealing personal announcement”—will pertain to today’s National Enquirer cover story on Sheen’s suspected diagnosis and 4-year cover-up.

UPDATE: TMZ now reports that sources say Sheen will reveal that "he beat the disease because it's undetectable in his system."

Twitter reactions have been decidedly polarized. On one hand, you have words of empathy support, even from folks who might not normally find themselves in a position to defend Charlie Sheen:

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And then you have the cheap shots — easy cracks involving Sheen's own catchphrases like "winning!" and "tiger blood" and referencing his sexual history.

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Sheen's reported diagnosis is undoubtedly tragic for all involved. Worse yet, though, Sheen's promiscuity is already being misused to stigmatize his HIV status, which feels like the worst kind of callback to the 1980s.

Matt Lauer interviews Sheen tomorrow morning on "Today."

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