This shouldn't come as a surprise: Good manners lead to a better sex life

Turns out the radical act of paying attention to each other can really pay off

Published August 23, 2016 3:18PM (EDT)

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More and more it seems the romantic landscape has become a pretty bleak one. Gone are the days of just-because-flowers and love letters. Not only are millennials waiting until later in life to get married, but they also have less sex than previous generations — an ironic twist given the prevalence of apps designed to facilitate hook-ups and relationships.

As our society becomes increasingly digitized, people treat each other more and more like they're disposable. A new dating app called Curtsy is designed to reduce that impulse, by only allowing matches to communicate via voice messages. As the potential partners become more verbally communicative with one another, they unlock opportunities to text each other and exchange phone numbers. The creators of the app say they're doing so in an effort to facilitate intimacy, which they believe isn't done through the disposable swiping that occurs so often. How sad that we’ve reached a point where hearing someone’s voice seems risky, and texting abilities are a privilege. Think about how many texts we leave unanswered because we simply can’t be bothered, or don’t want to.

Good news though, it seems all hope is not lost on the lust frontier. A new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests attentiveness and responsiveness to a partner’s needs increases sexual desire. Yes, you read that correctly -- good manners in the form of basic consideration lead to more satisfying sex in longterm relatio...

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By Erin Coulehan

Erin Coulehan is a freelance journalist with work in Rolling Stone, Elle, Slate and others. Follow her on Twitter @miss_coulehan

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