Even Donald Trump's lawyers think he's a habitual liar

The GOP nominee's lawyers were once so worried he lied so much, they'd only meet with him in pairs

Published October 7, 2016 2:23PM (EDT)

 (AP/John Locher)
(AP/John Locher)

It takes a lot for a lawyer to call one of his own clients a liar. But that's how Donald Trump's attorneys felt about him.

According to a deposition from Trump's 1992 bankruptcy hearing, his lawyers said that they would always meet with the real estate mogul in pairs, so he couldn't backtrack on them.

"We tried to do it with Donald always if we could because Donald says certain things and then has a lack of memory," attorney Patrick McGahn said during the deposition in transcripts obtained by BuzzFeed.

As McGahn explained, "It's always been our practice to make sure that two people are present, and we don't have a problem of people lying." He added that Trump is an "expert at interpreting things. Let's put it that way."

It should be noted that, according to Donald Trump, he had the "world's best memory." He later backtracked, telling an NBC News reporter, "As good as my memory is, I don't remember saying that."

During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump told a few lies, on topics ranging from his tax returns and global warming to his role in the birther movement against President Barack Obama.

Read the full transcript here.

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