WATCH: Samantha Bee slams media for taking so long to realize that Donald Trump's cabinet is racist

Bee called out CNN: "Today, Trump has fueled racial concerns? Today? Bannon joined Trump's campaign last summer."

By Alexandra Rosenmann

Published November 15, 2016 5:57PM (EST)

Screengrab: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube
Screengrab: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

"Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee took the weekend off to grasp the realization that we won't have a female president for a very long time, or at least in 2017.

"We're still in the wrong timeline," she said in response to Trump's win. Since the election, Trump met with President Obama, now hand-holding him through the transition from reality TV star to leader of the free world.

"Donald Trump is assembling a White House staff, now that Barack Obama's told him that's a thing presidents have to do," Bee joked.

And so far, Trump's selection of "Eerie RNC Pubis" (Bee's anagram for Reince Priebus) as chief of staff is the exact opposite of 'draining the swamp,'" a prominent Trump campaign promise.

"Trump's populist base hates him," Bee said of Priebus, the current head of the RNC. "They will want an outsider... If Trump wants to make an all-out stand, he's going to need an alt-right hand man."

Enter Steve Bannon, a white nationalist who spearheaded Breitbart News spreading virulently racist and misogynist conspiracy theories into mainstream territory and whose alt-right ideology now deeply concerns pundits on networks like CNN.

But what took them so long?

"Today, Trump has fueled racial concerns? Today? Bannon joined Trump's campaign last summer. How is CNN just now discovering that he's the milkshake that brings all the deplorable to the yard. We tried to warn you! We made our poor staff artist draw a million Pepes."

"Would the party of Lincoln care to comment?" Bee asked, turning to the GOP establishment's weak rebuttal.

Paul Ryan's response to Bannon's hiring in a CNN interview this past weekend, which sounded eerily similar to Trump's response regarding David Duke's endorsement in February. He claims he doesn't know the man.

"He used Breitbart news to mainstream white supremacist views, anti-Semitic views, racist views, do you have any concerns about Steve Bannon being in the White House,"  CNN's Jake Tapper asked the House Speaker.

"No, I don't have con-, I've never met the guy," Ryan stammered.

"I don't know Steve Bannon, so I have no concerns," he concluded.

"I don't know him?!" "I don't know her' is for pop stars you're jealous of, not white nationalists," Bee exclaimed.

But Ryan's response was still better than other establishment Republicans, such as Newt Gingrich who insisted Bannon couldn't be anti-Semitic because he worked in finance and Hollywood.

"Those industries are filthy with Jews.Try again Newt," Bee said in a scathing response.

"I've never heard of the alt-right," Gingrich insisted. "Donald Trump has to be Donald Trump and the country will organize itself around who he is."

For many Americans, that's terrifying.


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