"I'm ready to die for Trump," radio host Alex Jones says on new broadcast

Jones said his reverence for Trump compares to the way he feels about veterans

Published February 7, 2017 11:50PM (EST)

 (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)
(Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

During a live broadcast of The Alex Jones Show on Feb. 5, Alex Jones confessed that he is "ready to die for Trump."

The radio host is known for his conspiracy theories -- including that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 were an inside job and the government distributes chemicals to increase homosexuality for population control -- and used his latest segment to declare his infinite devotion to President Trump and America. Jones effused:

Trump is so fire-breathing, so energetic, so cunning, so real, and he’s having results so amazing that it just makes me endeared to Trump – I’m ready to die for Trump, at this point. And I’m already ready to die for America, it’s the same feeling I have for America, because he is America, you’re America.

Jones said his reverence for Trump compares to the way he feels about the men and women who serve in the military and "lose arms or legs," especially "compared to the average person who’s lazy and doesn’t care."

Alex Jones' bizarre theories have kept him largely on the outskirts of popular discourse, but his visibility shifted once Donald Trump appeared as a guest on his radio show in December 2015. The debut was mutually beneficial -- their overlapping ideologies helped ease Jones further into the mainstream and Trump got an in to Jones' constituency, which was critical of government bodies and establishment politics. Republican lobbyist Roger Stone took credit for the exchange and called Jones a "valuable asset" to the Trump administration post-election.

During Sunday's show, Jones commended Trump and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon for policies that are "so well thought out." He cited cutting taxes, moving away from Obamacare, giving loans to small businesses as examples of how the Trump administration has demonstrated its understanding of the political climate.

"I’ve covered politics for 25 years, 21 on air. And I’ve never seen anything like this. This is bigger than 1776 if Trump can deliver," Jones said referencing the American Revolution.

He finished by commenting on the recent leaks from the White House and asserted, "that's called treason. That's executionable."

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