President Trump can't name a time he deserved criticism, ignoring these widely criticized moves

Trump conceded he has made mistakes, but he won't fess up to any of them

Published February 28, 2017 2:48PM (EST)

 (Fox News)
(Fox News)

In a friendly chat with the hosts of "Fox and Friends" President Donald Trump said he "could never" name a time when he deserved fair criticism. The exclusive interview from the White House provided Trump the opportunity to reflect on his young presidency, and the path it took to get him there.

Asked directly by Brian Kilmeade if there was a time when he deserved criticism from the press, Trump initially considered the question before refusing to answer it.

"No, probably not. I could never do that probably," Trump said. "I'm not going to give you any ideas."

The "Fox and Friends" hosts laughed at this response, but Kilmeade tried to rephrase the question. He asked the president if he has ever thought: "Wow, I screwed that up" or "wow, I kind of deserved that hit."

"Yeah, yeah sure," Trump admitted. "And you know what, honestly, if I do that, and that does happen, and if I take a hit, I won't give you any additional ammunition but over the years you make a mistake. I fully understand they hit you."

Because Trump — perhaps smartly — won't publicly recognize his past mistakes, now might be a good time to list some of his recent follies that have attracted criticism from the press.

  • His refusal to condemn attacks carried out by white supremacists
  • His executive order banning travel from seven countries, which was quickly struck down by courts
  • His exaggeration of the immigration problem in Sweden
  • His frequent golf excursions

Watch the full interview below:

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