New communications director, same slip-ups: Trevor Noah takes down Anthony Scaramucci

Even though there is a new White House communications director, that doesn't mean "The Daily Show" can't make jokes

Published July 25, 2017 8:32AM (EDT)

Since President Donald Trump assumed the Oval Office, "The Daily Show" has savaged the White House communications director. Now that Sean Spicer is gone and Anthony Scaramucci has taken over the role, Trevor Noah is fortunate enough to not have to turn to a new bit.

Scaramucci has already provided enough material for the late-night hosts.

"Other then appearing on Fox Business and in every Italian movie ever, he has no obvious communications experience," Noah told his audience Monday night.

Perhaps the biggest gaffe in Scaramucci's short tenure was his interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, during which he revealed that "he could not even keep a secret for more than five seconds," Noah said.

Scaramucci relayed to Tapper that an anonymous source told him that if Russia had hacked Democratic officials' emails, they would not have left any evidence. That anonymous source was apparently the president.

"Scaramucci revealed his anonymous source just to try to win an argument with Jake Tapper?" Noah asked. "If I were Trump, I'd be a little worried about this right now. You don't want Mooch going out there like, 'Oh, you think you know something about collusion with the Russians? Well, guess what big shot, I watched the pee tape. Now who is the smart guy, huh?'"

Mistakes aside, Scaramucci does seem like a loyal soldier. He indicated as much in his introductory press conference, in which he said that he loved Trump.

But before Trump won the Republican nomination, Scaramucci practically challenged the president to a fight on a Fox Business appearance. "The Daily Show" ran a clip of Scaramucci saying that Trump was only fit to be the president of the Queens County Bullying Association.

"You're an inherited-money dude from Queens County," Scaramucci said. "Bring it Donald."

"Bring it Donald," Noah said in his Italian accent, clearly mocking the new White House communications director. "Bring me a job offer, you coward. Bring it to me and I will work so hard, you son of a bitch."

By Taylor Link

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