Alex Jones: Jimmy Kimmel is "pimping" his son to advance a socialist agenda

The conspiracy theorist says the host is using his son to forward socialist globalist corporatism — swell

By Rachel Leah
September 22, 2017 3:11PM (UTC)
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Alex Jones (Getty/Oli Scarff)

As Republicans push for a vote next week to repeal the Affordable Care Act with the Graham-Cassidy bill, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has been very, very vocal about his opposition to it. Much of his analysis comes from his experience with his own son's preexisting heart condition, which continues to require surgeries. Kimmel said he learned throughout the process that there are so many children without health insurance but medically, "in the same situation."

On cue, shaved Tasmanian Devil Alex Jones rolled in to drag the hell out of Kimmel in his signature grainy voice. On a recent episode of Infowars the vitamin-salesman accuses Kimmel of "pimping your kid out there to push Obamacare that’s designed to wreck health care."


Jones continued

I don’t want to go on Kimmel’s show. I don’t want to go on on "The Daily Show." I don’t want to go on any of them. We’ve had offers before to go on these shows. I’m not going — I piss on your — you’re not real shows, you’re frauds, you’re crap, you’re the enemy, you’re cancer, you’re grandma dying of a heart attack, you’re grandpa with a brain tumor, you’re failure, you’re betrayal, you’re anathema, you’re a blaspheme [?]. And you will fall. You’re already fallen right now.

Jones added that he was sorry for Kimmel's son after his barrage of insults. But that wasn't all. Jones pushed further: "Did your wife take the vaccines? Been slurping that tap water? Why don’t you find out why this is happening?" his voice rising in volume. "Why don’t you actually save other kids instead of using your kid to bring in socialism and globalist control for big fat-cat corporations that want to make us buy overpriced health care? How about that?"


Unfazed, Jimmy Kimmel continued to advance the consequences of Graham-Cassidy last night. "A lot of people have been saying I'm not qualified to talk about this," he said. "And that is true, I'm not qualified to talk about this. But I think people forget — Bill Cassidy named this test after me — am I supposed to just be quiet about that?"

Rachel Leah

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