Oprah sat down with 7 Trump voters and 7 non-Trump voters, and people have opinions

In her "60 Minutes" segment, Winfrey was unable to heal our divided nation, or even get Trumpsters to talk sense

Published September 25, 2017 2:38PM (EDT)

Oprah Winfrey on her 60 Minutes story about America's political divisions (CBS News)
Oprah Winfrey on her 60 Minutes story about America's political divisions (CBS News)

There's no question that Donald Trump brought huge divisions to the United States. The divide is so big, in fact, that not even media goddess Oprah Winfrey can save us.

On Sunday, Oprah Winfrey debuted as special correspondent to "60 Minutes." There, she sat down with seven people each on the opposite side of the Trump/sanity divide. Winfrey posed questions to the group concerning their current feelings about Trump, his response to Charlottesville, assumptions about Trump voters and discussions of voting on or against party lines.

Most Trump supporters, no surprise here, doubled down. Detractors, naturally, stayed their courses as well.

A lifelong republican claimed she eventually didn't cast her ballot for the Republican contender after being shamed by her entire Trump-voting family.

Poor thing.

Many of the president's supporters didn't feel that his speech in which he said that there were bad actors"on both sides" of last month's deadly Charlottesville rallies and riots drew a moral equivalency between anti-fascists and the "alt-right." Indeed, one Trumpster blamed the media for building that narrative. 

Winfrey tried to shed some light on any preconceived notions that detractors had about Trump supporters and how Trump voters view themselves.

The response to the interview on Twitter was swift and not as universally complimentary as perhaps CBS would have hoped.

Oh dear. If Oprah can't save us from the divide, who can?

By Jarrett Lyons

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