Musicians and celebrities pay tribute to Tom Petty amid conflicting reports of his condition

Stephen King, Sheryl Crow, Brian Wilson and John Mayer are among those who've expressed their grief

Published October 2, 2017 5:49PM (EDT)

Tom Petty (AP/Paul Warner)
Tom Petty (AP/Paul Warner)

After news that the beloved rock musician Tom Petty may have passed away on Monday, Twitter exploded with an outpouring of emotion from celebrities over the star’s death — much of it even before it was confirmed.

Even as news organizations scrambled to properly report — and sometimes retract — news of the legend's passing or survival, many fellow musicians and stars wished for him to rest in peace and reminisced about his work. At this hour, there is still no confirmation of Petty's condition.

What's notable here is the diversity of the voices paying tribute. Yes, those influenced by Petty — Neko Case, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer and Ryan Adams — spoke up. Yet there were tributes too from Stephen King, Chuck D, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Nikki Sixx, Brian Wilson, St. Vincent and other artists who simply loved the man and his music. The variety of those celebrating his life is a fitting memorial to a man who quite consciously kept his music open to all ears and a reminder of his substantial and profound reach.

By Leigh C. Anderson

Leigh C. Anderson is an editorial intern at Salon.

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