Christmas lights combined with a charging cable

Why settle for a standard cable when you can be festive instead?

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Published December 5, 2017 8:37PM (EST)

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(Salon Marketplace)

As much as the practical stuff is needed, our everyday items are always more fun once you add a twist to them. This Glowing 2nd-Generation iOS Lightning Charging Cable is one part funk, one part charging necessity, adding a fun glow to help you get a sense of your charging speed.

This handy cable is perfect for syncing and charging your mobile devices. And just in case you're in a rush, the speed of the light actually indicates your charging speed: the higher the charging current, the faster the light will move. Plus, the glow is perfect for finding your phone or iPad in the dark (because the last thing you need is to knock over your device for the millionth time).

Made to last and crafted out of quality cable, this Lightning cable is sure to last you for many future generations of iPhones — so feel free to switch up your charging routine and nab this cool cord.

Charge your device at the speed of light (literally): usually, this Glowing 2nd-Generation iOS Lightning Charging Cable is $25, but you can get it now for $12.99, or 48% off.

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