Tomi Lahren: The left "brainwashes" teens into eating Tide Pods!

"The Tide Pod challenge couldn’t possibly be political, could it? Actually, yes, it is." Oh, do go on.

By Rachel Leah
Published January 26, 2018 5:13PM (EST)
Tomi Lahren (AP/Colin Young-Wolff)
Tomi Lahren (AP/Colin Young-Wolff)

There's a bizarre and dangerous social media challenge making waves on the Internet called the "Tide Pod Challenge".  In it, teens take videos of themselves ingesting the laundry-detergent packets and post them on YouTube to prove . . . something? It's unclear.

Already, the Poison Control Centers have reported it's had to respond to 39 cases of intentional exposure in just the the first 15 days of 2018. No one knows how many other people have been harmed or hospitalized because of this very bad, not-at-all good fad.

Today, Tomi Lahren found a way to make it that much worse.

During a deranged rant on Fox News Friday, Lahren said it was those big, bad liberals who were to blame for this viral meme and the damage it is doing to teenage throats and stomachs.

"I know what you’re thinking: The Tide Pod challenge couldn’t possibly be political, could it?" Now that she mentions it, yes, that would be a reasonable and predictable thing to suppose, because it couldn't possibly be. Thus, here would be the perfect place to end all discussion on the matter. Lahren, naturally, continued,

"Actually, yes, it is," she said, settling the case for no one. "It’s just the latest symptom of a larger problem: the breakdown of the American family. It’s what happens when kids aren’t taught boundaries, respect, consequences or logic. Parents nowadays are taught to 'live and let live, just go with the flow, let your teens express themselves,'" Lahren emphasized with a move that looks like jazz hands.

"This modern, loosey-goosey method of parenting doesn't teach kids right from wrong, or sane from insane," she continued.  "Parents used to wash their kids' mouths out with soap and now kids are voluntarily eating it?" Lahren demanded that parents must "pay attention" and "do better!"

"Social media addiction is another major issue," Lahren, who initially gained prominence and an audience from social media, added. "These teens surely know it's not smart to eat detergent. But because their value and self-worth is determined by video views and Instagram likes, they do it anyway."

Then, Lahren demonstrated her unmatched skill in always managing to scapegoat the left for, well, everything. "The left, which dictates popular culture, brainwashes young people into believing they live in a world where 64 gender options are up for selection, everything is free, Beyoncé is a God queen, and eating detergent is funny," she said. "Americans, we are better than this. Put down the soap, kids, and get a job."

You would have thought Lahren had learned her lesson about taking Beyoncé's name in vain after the Beyhive stung her back in December, but no. This is Tomi Lahren we're talking about, a 25-year-old who only just got off her parents' health insurance and has never been responsible for the sole care of so much as a sugar glider and still has the temerity to lecture parents on how they're failing their children and their country. Learning is beyond her.

See the whole segment below and try not to eat any Tide Pods while you watch.

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