"Kellyanne Conway" has a Groundhog Day-style prediction for how long Trump will be president

The spokespuppet looked into the future of the Trump presidency, offering a dire vision of things to come

Published February 6, 2018 11:20AM (EST)

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" (YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" (YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

There's been a minor controversy brewing. While prognosticating groundhog Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania saw his shadow and augured six more weeks of winter this past Groundhog's Day, another divining marmot, Staten Island Chuck of Staten Island, New York, did not see his shadow, forecasting an early arrival for spring (he wasn't the only one).

In order to iron out this inconsistency, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera to Punxsutawney (or, that is, a corner of his set dressed up as such) for answers straight from the rodent himself on the Monday night edition of his show. Instead, he found his already infamous Kellyanne Conway "spokespuppet" waiting in Phil's hole for him.

Shocked and confused, Kimmel asked "Conway" where the famous groundhog was. "He's not available, but I'm Trumpsutawney Kellyanne, and I just saw my shadow. You know what that means? . . . Six more years of President Donald Trump. Whoo, whoo!"

When Kimmel reminded her that, should he be elected to office for a second term, the president would be on track for serving seven more years instead of six, the puppet responded, "The world ends in six. We've got six years left. Whoo, whoo!" — a dire prediction indeed.

Kimmel pushed, grilling the oddly accurate approximation of the counselor to the president, asking if Phil was there with her. "Yes he is," she responded. "As a matter of fact, I'm wearing him," she said, referring to her rather cozy, cush looking fur coat. "The Trump boys, Eric and D.J., shot and skinned him for me." You could probably see that last part coming.

When asked how she felt about wearing the hide of what Kimmel called "an American institution," the puppet was defiant. "As far as I'm concerned, he dug a hole and burrowed his way into this country illegally. His real name is Punxsutawney Philippe . . . I'm wearing a Dreamer, Jimmy!"

The skit only got more bizarre, surreal and strangely accurate from there. See the full segment below.

By Gabriel Bell

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