Kellyanne Conway is blaming Biden and Hillary for opioid epidemic

Of course Conway is blaming other people

By Matthew Rozsa

Staff Writer

Published March 23, 2018 9:14AM (EDT)

Kellyanne Conway (AP/John Minchillo)
Kellyanne Conway (AP/John Minchillo)

Counsel to the President Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN Friday morning to discuss the opioid epidemic with Chris Cuomo — and, in the process, wound up yet again attacking Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

After Cuomo suggested that President Donald Trump isn't focusing as much on fighting the opioid epidemic as he is on his petty feuds with politicians like Clinton and Biden, Conway attacked the two out-of-power Democrats.

"They have considerable platforms. Why aren’t they using them for more good? Where is [Hillary Clinton’s] center for women and girls? Why isn’t [Joe Biden] calling me today to help on the drug crisis?" Conway asked.

"I don’t care what she’s doing. She’s not in charge of keeping my family safe. You are. You’re in power! You control both houses of Congress and the White House! It's all on you, my friend!" Cuomo shot back.

Conway's comments about Biden and Clinton came one day after she implied to a group of college students that the same people who worry about healthy nutrition are the ones who start using opioids.

"On our college campuses, your folks are reading the labels, they won't put any sugar in their body, they don't eat carbs anymore, and they're very, very fastidious about what goes into their body. And then you buy a street drug for $5 or $10, it's laced with fentanyl, and that's it," Conway told the youths assembled at a White House forum.

She added, "So I guess my short advice is, as somebody double your age: eat the ice cream, have the french fry, don't buy the street drug. Believe me, it all works out."

Earlier this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to follow an earlier dictate by Trump that the death penalty be pursued for certain types of drug dealers.

By Matthew Rozsa

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