Make fresh iced coffee at home in minutes

Published April 6, 2018 2:21PM (EDT)

When the weather gets warmer, it's a perfect time to energize with iced coffee instead of hot. Since you probably don't want to wait around for cold brew or throw ice cubes into a fresh pot of joe, just use this two-pack of HyperChiller Coffee Chillers instead.

The HyperChiller looks like a tumbler and uses a patented multi-chamber design to keep your coffee and ice separated from one another. That way, your coffee can cool up to 130º in one minute without getting watered down.

You'll save yourself a few extra dollars every day not needing to buy iced coffee — and it's compatible across all brewing methods and fits directly into most full-size single cup brewers.

Plus, it has a high volume 12.5 ounce capacity, ideal for those days you need a little bit of extra energy. Usually, a two-pack of HyperChiller Coffee Chillers is $60, but you can get it now for $44.99.

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