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Published April 9, 2018 3:11PM (EDT)

It's essential for every business to figure out the best way to reach their audience and understand what drives them to purchase their products and services. These days, having a strong online presence is tantamount to business success — but there are countless ways to develop a tailored digital marketing strategy, and it can seem daunting to put an effective one together. It's not just about mastering the right tools — it's about knowing which tools help make your business more visible.

The Digital Marketing Foundations Mega Bundle includes eight different courses covering the most relevant tools today — it's comprehensive enough to get you up to speed on the techniques you don't know as well, and educate you further on the things you feel you may be proficient in. Here's what's included in the bundle:

1. How to Become a Complete Google Advertising Professional

Ever notice ads in your browser windows when you browse the web? They're usually carefully targeted towards you and your browsing behaviors — and the tool behind that mechanism is Google AdWords, a paid advertising product that helps businesses get noticed. This course includes 13 hours of high-quality e-learning content, giving you a complete understanding of the Google Pay per Click network and the major aspects of the Google advertising network like Search, Display, Mobile, and Video.

2. Learn How to Use Video to Promote a Business & Advertise Using YouTube

YouTube can be an effective way to increase your reach and visibility, giving you access to the five billion people who watch videos daily. This course shows you how to utilize YouTube to promote your business and advertise a product, including how to produce compelling videos and use them for marketing and business development purposes.

3. Make the Best Use of Facebook with the Latest Marketing Strategies

Over the years, Facebook has transformed from being just a social platform to a powerful content and business marketing tool. Facebook has changed the ways advertisers engage with consumers and sell products, and this course shows you how to develop the right ads for your campaigns based on statistics and case studies. You'll even learn how to boost your conversion rate with retargeting and obtain more leads using the same campaign budgets.

4. Gain a Thorough Perspective on Using Pinterest as a Marketing Channel

Pinterest is a visual platform that can be used to promote your business, particularly if you work within e-commerce. This course shows you how Pinterest can help you generate website traffic, help organizations gain visibility and convert viewers to leads or sales.

5. Learn Twitter Ads From Twitter Itself

Sometimes the best place to learn is straight from the source — this course was developed in partnership with Twitter, helping businesses and marketers grow their customer base and effectively engage with their online community using Twitter Ads. You'll also learn how to refine your messaging and targeting to reach the appropriate audiences, explore content strategy for compelling Tweet copy and measure your results to gauge what works the best for your business.

6. Explore Ad Options, Remarketing, Cookies, & How to Work with Third-Party Agencies

Display ads can be hugely beneficial for your business if you know where and when to use them. You'll learn the fundamentals of display advertising, helping you reach a broader target audience and learn about the latest target strategies, including re-marketing.

7. Learn the Basics of SEO Through More Advanced Techniques

Your SEO strategy could help you land on the first page of Google Search — if you know how to write quality content that utilizes relevant keywords, and have keyword-rich pages that are also compelling. This course shows you how to increase the visibility, rankings, and relevance of your website pages and rank highly on search engines. That includes SEO measurement, design and architecture, link building and more.

8. Understand the Fundamental Aspects of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the other crucial half of outbound digital strategy — by developing high-quality content and building your authority, you'll start generating inbound links that help give your website more visibility. Different types of content include social media blog posts, LinkedIn articles, creating content for Facebook, online journals, magazines, digital newspapers and more.

Start developing holistic digital marketing strategies: usually the Digital Marketing Foundations Mega Bundle is $992, but you can get it now for $39, or 96% off.

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