Save big on these GMO-free salts and spices

Published April 19, 2018 10:00AM (EDT)

The start of summer means the beginning of grilling season! And this Gustus Vitae Spice and Salt Collection delivers an amazing range of flavors, without incorporating any artificial ingredients or flavors, to greatly upgrade your summer BBQ.

This collection includes six different flavors, including Natural Smoked Sea Salt, Ancho Chile Sea Salt, Garlic Pepper Rub and Greek, Cajun and Jamaican spices too. The wide range of flavors is fun to experiment with whether you're impressing your neighbors at the grill, or just trying to add more flavors to your tried and true dishes.

All the salts and spices are crafted in small batches and hand-packed in California from local and imported ingredients, and entirely natural. Plus, the magnetic backing lets you stick the tins in your fridge, grill or other metal surfaces for easy organization and access.

Spice up your life (literally): usually, this Gustus Vitae Spice and Salt Collection are $60, but you can get it now for $39.99.

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