Stop forgetting your passwords & stay secure with Dashlane

Published May 3, 2018 12:05PM (EDT)

We’ve all been there: you see an interesting article on your favorite website and want to read more, or your favorite store has a great rewards program you can’t pass up. You go online and have to create an account, which means another new password. It’s tempting to use the dog’s name again, but Fido’s already guarding your social media accounts. Complex random passwords are easy to forget, leaving you caught in a feedback loop of password reset emails when you try to log back in. When you’re forced to choose between security and convenience, most people will choose convenience — and with cybersecurity threats on the rise, you’re playing a dangerous game. A password manager like Dashlane keeps track of all your passwords so you can safely surf the web.

Dashlane Password Manager creates strong, unique passwords that can be changed in seconds with a single click. It can automatically log you into your accounts on your laptop, smartphone or tablet and securely store autofill payment information for online shopping. And all of your data is stored in a military-grade encrypted vault, so you know Dashlane’s serious about keeping your passwords locked up.

Get the online freedom you want and the safety you need with Dashlane Password Manager. It’s an unbeatable $19.98 for a yearlong subscription.

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