This white noise machine helps you focus and sleep better

Published June 7, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

The modern world is filled with distractions: from smartphones beeping with notifications to noisy coworkers bantering in the office to construction work interrupting your sleep at home, it’s hard to maintain a quiet, focused environment. Constantly wearing earbuds to drown out ambient sound isn’t great for your hearing, and using an electric fan can be unwieldy and inconvenient. White noise machines are a great buy for anyone who needs to study, work or sleep without interruption, and the LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine provides a personalized white noise experience that fully blocks aggravating sounds.
LectroFan’s white noise machine comes with 20 unique, non-looping digital sounds — 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noise variations, like white, pink, and brown sounds — to combat loud environments. Its precise volume control lets you pinpoint the exact level of amplification you need for your home or office. It’s great for creating privacy for sensitive conversations, masking the sounds of noisy neighbors, or helping your child fall asleep at night. The machine weighs about a pound and only takes up a few inches of space, so you can place it anywhere in your room.
Enjoy a relaxing, quiet environment with LectroFan’s High Fidelity White Noise Machine. It’s on sale now for $39.99, 20% off the normal price of $49.99.

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